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What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged veins which are visible underneath the skin. Such veins are generally seen around the ankle and feets. Varicose veins don't usually go away on their own but can be kept under control with proper treatment.
What causes varicose veins?
Varicose veins are caused due to increased blood pressure in the veins. Wearing tight clothes, excessive activity in muscles, prolonged conditions such as DVT or deep vein thrombosis are the most common causes of varicose veins.
Symptoms of varicose veins-
1. Swelling in the area near varicose veins.
2. Changes in skin texture near the varicose veins.
3. Burning sensation.
4. Pain and discomfort near the area affected by varicose veins.
5. Activities like standing for a long time, exercising, cycling may cause burning sensation or itchiness near the areas affected by varicose veins.

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Expert surgeons with 10+ years of experience

Quickoook Healthcare Team helps to connect with the best surgeons and make sure to determine and conduct the most appropriate surgical procedure for your condition.

Quickobook Health Care Buddy

Here Quickobook Care Buddy gets in touch with you and assists you throughout the surgery journey from finding the best affordable hospitals, getting admitted to till the discharge formalities, arranging medical bill claimed from Insurance or any financial organisation, also helping with regular appointment scheduled, with door step medicine delivered with lab test done from the comfort zone.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition and assisted in pre-surgery medical diagnostics.

Post Surgery Care

We have special follow-up team for Post-Surgery Care consultations with doctors completely free for next three months and also include dietary tips, exercises to every patient ensuring them a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Discounts in Medical Bills

Quickobook has an empanelment with 50 plus hospitals across the Pan India where patients with privilege cards can avail discount upto 25% on the billing amount.

Financial Aid & Assistance

Quickobook has an empanelment with financial organisation that provides loan on medical bills/surgery bills instantaneously on the basis of CIBIL score within maximum of 48 hours.

Support for Health Insurance Claim

Quickobook has an empanelment with the best health insurance companies and thereby every sort of support and assistance is provided by the Quickobook Health Buddy at the time of Claim Settlement

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